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The Asahi Kasei Corporation was founded in Japan in 1931 and is now one of the leading chemical companies in Asia.
29,000 employees work in research, production, sales and application technology. The European headquarters of the Asahi Kasei Corporation is located in Brussels.


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Asahi Photoproducts Europe    

Asahi Photoproducts Europe, as part of the organization, consists of the sectors administration, marketing and technology centre for internal and external tasks. Operations in Germany, France, the UK and Italy are managed by Asahi branch offices in these countries. A network of authorized distributors covers all countries of Europe.

Asahi Photoproducts (Europe) is a part of Asahi Kasei E-materials topmain


Product range  
> AFP Flexo plates
The range of AFP solid plates - solvent development based - offers the appropriate plate type for every field of application. The user can choose between analogue and digital AFP flexo plates as necessary...

> AWP Water washable Flexo plate
Latest plate development by Asahi, this plate technology is water wash based and features the highest criteria in terms of quality printing...

> APR Liquid photopolymer technology
APR liquid polymer plates are used in flexo printing and are suitable for virtually all applications in corrugated-board printing. Their special benefit is fast, economical processing, and since they are processed without the use of solvent...
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  Asahi Photo Products Pinning Technology Video
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