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Asahi Flexo Plates
Consistency for the long run
Asahi’s first FlatTop plate out of the box including CleanPrint

The AFP™-BFTK plates are high-quality solvent wash FlatTop plate solutions with best-in-class printing press consistency. They improve the ink laydown on wide web flexible packaging film, paper and label substrate in combination with solid screening patterns and keeping high light dots at perfect quality. At the same time due to their CleanPrint technology they keep printing quality very consistent without any plate cleaning needed, using solvent, water and UV based ink systems.

Just Kiss. No Crush.
Excellent ink coverage with reduced flute marks

The Asahi super-soft AFP™-Leggero CleanPrint plates have been specifically designed for printing with a minimal Kiss touch pressure on corrugated transport boxes, delivering minimal washboarding and good ink coverage for the utmost in quality while eliminating board crush to better protect the packaged goods.

Dots to dye for
Premium hard digital flexo plate

This hard premium digital flexo CleanPrint plate delivers a broad colour gamut and soft tonal shades fading out to zero. Kiss-touch printingpressure facilitates repeatable print quality and fewer cleaning press stops. Compatible with high definition screening and microcell patterning technologies.

Clean. Multi-use. Non-Sticky.
The perfect plate for sticky inks

There are many new ink formulations developed for a variety of print applications such as pet food using PU type (solvent) inks, water-based lamination inks and others. The AFP™-TSP plate is a versatile plate with CleanPrint technology and excellent properties to stay clean during the run on most substrates in flexo printing.

AFP™-TSP is the perfect plate solution for most sticky ink formulations allowing fewer press cleaning stops and consistent print quality.

Don´t stick with what you have, stick with AFP™-TSP.

Fine Dots. No Gain.
 For exceptional corrugated board image performance with CleanPrint

The AFP™-TPC and the analogue AFP™-APC plates are developed for the high-quality corrugated board display and signage printing market where image quality matters. On double flute coated liner board, the plate delivers with its CleanPrint technology ex­ceptional image printing performance with minimal dot gain flute marking.

To switch to AFP™-APC/-TPC results in eye-catch­ing print quality for “shelf ready” packaging with rich graphical content.


Solid Photopolymer - Soft type plate available in analogue and digital

The AFP™-SE/DSE flexo plate meets the most demanding criteria of quality in printing corrugated board, solid board and heavy-duty bags. Its ideal shore hardness and resilience characteristics compensate for the surface unevenness of the substrate. Its dimensionally stable polyester base sheet adds to its ability to achieve very high quality, while the wide exposure latitude of the AFP™-SE/DSE plate ensures that image elements like tones and isolated lines are optimally anchored even with a relief depth of 3 mm.



  • Low dot gain printing & excellent ink transfer. Optimized plate resilience to minimize a washboard effect.
  • Optimized durability for highly aggressive papers.
  • Optimum intermediate depths with steep relief shoulders
  • Compatible with recent screening and microcell technologies.
Medium hard plate available for analog and digital

The AFP™-SF/DSF is Asahi’s medium hard plate that elevates printing results to a new level of quality. It is designed for good highlights combined with excellent ink transfer onto all substrates. Its optimized balance of solid ink laydown and highlight dot printing produces incomparably good ink coverage with low dot gain in the mid tones and brilliant highlights at maximum printing speeds, with particular suitability for flexible packaging printing on film and paper with solvent or water based inks.



  • Superbly balanced reproduction of large tonal areas, text and halftone elements.
  • Wide exposure latitude enables consistent results.
  • Steep relief shoulders and very good intermediate depths result in minimal dot gain.
  • Its flexibility makes it possible to print with small-diameter cylinders.
  • AFP™-SF/DSF is the perfect choice for solvent- and water-based ink printing applications where solid ink transfer in harmony with fine highlight dots is the focus.
Medium hard plate available in analog and digital

Asahi‘s AFP™-SH/DSH is a hard flexo plate available in analogue and digital versions for excellent printing quality and high durability. Its improved mechanical stability and excellent ink transfer behaviour in combination with low highlight dot gain makes the SH/DSH plate of choice for quality printers. The AFP™-SH/DSH plate is primarily used in printing flexible packaging and labels but is also excellent for complex jobs where its quality and durability make the difference.



  • Balanced reproduction of large tonal areas, text and halftone elements on film, foil and coated surfaces.
  • Short platemaking time and easy handling for improved quality.
  • Excellent tonal range improves printing results.
  • Excellent resistance to UV and solvent-based inks.
  • Steep shoulder relief and very good intermediate depths for minimal dot gain
Varnishing Plate for Superior Coating Quality

The AFP™-VSP plate is a new varnishing plate from Asahi Photoproducts specifically designed for the offset printing and spot coating market. The demand for higher quality packaging that attracts attention on the shelf is driving increased interest in superior finishing techniques, including spot varnish to make images pop. Most offset presses used in packaging printing are equipped with a flexo coating station for metallic and spot varnish inks. The AFP™-VSP plate is the ideal solution for generating even higher quality output from these configurations.


  • Incorporates a tailor-made photopolymer with a high level of abrasion resistance engineered into the chemical plate structure.
  • Has good tensile strength, enabling packaging printers to switch from traditional aluminium-based coating plates, maintaining perfect dimensional plate registration over the entire print run.
  • Delivers long plate life on press due to its extreme durability, increasing productivity and reducing material costs.
  • Features superior ink transfer, resulting in a homogeneous spot coating guaranteed to meet today’s demands for the utmost in quality.
  • Compatible with commonly used solvent, water and UV-based ink systems on smooth film and coated paper substrates.
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