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Asahi Photopolymer Resin

Liquid Photopolymer

The APR™ liquid polymer resin plate is suitable for flexographic printing of virtually all corrugated board applications. Its special benefit is fast, economical processing in balance with the environment since they are processed without the use of solvents.

Base Polymers

Asahi has several photopolymer resin types available. They differ in their printing performance and their characteristic of shore hardness. Asahi experts are available to assist in the selection of the material that is best suited to the specific requirements of various corrugated-board grades. 

Capping Polymers

Capping polymers are available in several different resin types, each being suited to the specific base polymer type it will be used with. These capping polymers influence the printing results on various types of corrugated board, including dot sharpness and dot shape, tonal value range and intermediate depths, to satisfy all quality demands. 

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