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AWP Water Washable Plate   Thin plate technology
AWP is the brand new development in photopolymer plate technology by Asahi Photoproducts. For the first time, Asahi is marketing a solid water-washable plate.
This particular product satisfies the most severe criteria in terms of high quality printing and does more to match the current technologies.
awp AWP DEF produces superior results to traditional or thermal technologies and even outperforms the latest generation of digital flexographic printing plates. In addition to the usual benefit of Asahi plate products, this AWP DEF plate gives a level of graphic reproduction similar to digital plates, with a higher ink transfer and a wider tonal range.
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Principle of AWP
la fe wo dry pe
Plate backflash
+/- 60"
Laser imaging
+/- 20'
UVA front exposure
+/- 8'
Water wash out
+/- 25'
+/- 10'
UVA-UVC Finishing
+/- 5'