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AFP Flexo plates   Thin plate technology
The range of AFP solid plates offers the appropriate plate type for every field of application. The user can choose between analogue and digital AFP flexo plates as necessary. More than 30 years of experience in producing and constantly advancing the development of photopolymers form the basis for a range of AFP solid plate types which convince printers on account of their quality and resultant efficiency.  
dsf The AFP-SF from Asahi combines the convincing flexibility of a medium-hard plate with the advantages of a hard plate. It is ideal in cases where a "hard" plate should be used for optimum printing results while the substrate in question calls for a "soft" plate.

dsh The AFP-SH flexo plate satisfies all technical requirements in today's quality flexo printing. The ideal interplay of Shore hardness, recovery behaviour and surface tension ensures printing results of convincing quality

dsh Asahi's AFP – TOP is a premium digital flexo plate giving the printer a wide colour space with vibrant colour reproductions and soft tonal shades fading out to zero.
Asahi's AFP – TOP incorporates the "Pinning Top Dot" Technology, which allows a kiss touch printing pressure setting with constant repeatability of printing quality during the
production run.
The "Pinning Technology" is also reducing the ink filling-in in the mid-tone area over the printing run leading to fewer cleaning intervals and press stop downtimes for
the printer.
    Thick plates technology
dsq The NEW AFP-SE/DSE flexo plate incorporates all features of its predecessor SQ/DSQ, with an optimized plate resilience to reduce the wash-board effect. Also the mechanical abrasion resistance has been improved for the severest criteria of quality in printing corrugated board, solid board and heavy-duty bags. SE/DSE now available in thicknesses up-to 6,35 mm.